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Isai Payanam on Jaya TV

Isai Payanam on Jaya TV

Charulatha’s Isai Payanam is a very popular programme which is telecast on Jaya TV's Kaalai Malar every Tuesday morning (8:20 AM). She deals with a raga every week, explaining its striking features in simple terms. She outlines the monumental Carnatic compositions in the raga, and draws parallels with semi-classical pieces and film songs based on that raga, with crisp demonstrations. Over 80 episodes have been aired so far.

Isai Payanam Video Clips

Isai Payanam at UK, November 2008

15th and 16th November 2008, in aid of Tamil Orphans Trust

Isai Payanam


Isai Payanam


Isai Payanam


On November 15th the concert was held at Ilford, Essex, and on the 16th at the Winston Churchill Hall, Ruislip, Middlesex to a large and warm audience. The audience enjoyed the Classical and Film songs based on traditional Carnatic Ragas, preceded by explanatory introductions to the Ragas.

The first concert featured Hamsadhwani, Hindolam, and Shanmukhapriya and Sindhubhairavi, while Nattai, Abheri, Ananda Bhairavi and Kalyani were showcased in the next concert.

She was accompanied by Dr Jyotsna Srikanth on the Violin, Sri. R. R. Prakash on the Mridangam, and Sri. R. N. Pratap on the Ghatam, all artistes of repute from Karnataka, now settled in the UK.

The concert at Winston Churchill Hall has been recorded by the Deepam TV for telecast in UK, Europe, and Canada.


Isai Payanam Concert Series

In the concert version, Charulatha extends the Isai Payanam concept to the longer concert format. Before each concert piece the listener will be taken on an entire educative and interactive journey through the raga’s salient features: how to identify it easily, and where the raga’s quintessential beauty lies, with plenty of examples from classical and film genres.

Charulatha seeks to make Carnatic music more accessible to as many people as possible through this new concert based venture which is aimed at preserving the priceless heritage of Carnatic music by encouraging more rasikas to attend concerts. The tremendous response to the TV feature over the last 55 weeks indicates the enthusiasm of rasikas to appreciate Carnatic music discerningly.

The Isai Payanam concerts are a monthly feature, and every month a selection of ragas are showcased. There will be audience interaction, quizzes and attractive prizes as well.


Past Isai Payanam Concerts

Isai Payanam Concert #1

Isai Payanam Concert #2

Isai Payanam Concert #3

Isai Payanam Concert #4

Isai Payanam Concert #5

Isai Payanam Concert #6

Isai Payanam Concert #7


Isai Payanam #10 (First Anniversary Concert)

16th February 2008, Narada Gana Sabha, Alwarpet

Ragas dealt with:

Isai Payanam Anniversary

Left to Right: Charulatha Mani, Kaathadi Sri Ramamurthy, Sri ARS, Sri P.B. Srinivas, Sri Ramesh Vinayakam, and Sri T.S. Ranganathan

The First Anniversary Celebrations of Isai Payanam Concerts by Carnatic Vocalist Smt. Charulatha Mani were held on the 16th of February 2008, at Narada Gana Sabha. Isai Payanam concerts started off in March last year and have gone on to become a huge success.

The Chief Guests for the evening were Sri P.B. Srinivas, Legendary Playback Singer, Sri ARS, and Sri Kathadi Ramamurthy, Veteran Actors, and Sri Ramesh Vinayakam, Music Director. The guests richly complimented Charulatha on her success and Isai Payanam’s wide reach, and their interesting speeches, peppered with humour were well-received by a huge enthusiastic audience of around 900 rasikas.

Sri P. B. Srinivas presented Smt. Charulatha Mani with a hand written poem of appreciation in Tamil, the sixth letter of each line when put together read “Charulatha Mani Valgavae”.

Sri T. S Ranganathan, Director, Giri Trading Agency, presented the vote of thanks and said Giri Trading was proud to be associated with Charulatha Mani’s Isai Payanam and that so far 10 Live DVDs of Isai Payanam have been released by the company, and have been commercially very successful.

The function was followed by Charulatha’s Isai Payanam concert in which she dealt with the Ragas Kaanada and Durbari Kaanada in Classical and Film music. “It was an unforgettable experience for me to sing the Durbari Kaanada film piece Ponnenben Siru Poovenben (Film: Police Kaaran Magal) sung by Sri P. B.Srinivas in his very presence. He was very happy and I was thrilled”, says Charulatha Mani.

Pictures of Quiz Winners


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